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The Centre for Better Births is a project led by the University of Liverpool, in partnership with Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust.

There have been no new major scientific innovations in the treatment of slow labour for more than half a century.

Women who experience difficulties with delivering a baby receive very similar treatment now to that devised for women in 1954.


The womb's failure to accept or nurture the embryo is a leading cause of infertility and miscarriage - 250, 000 pregnancies end in miscarriage.

There are approximately 400 foetal deaths per year during labour - a number which shows no sign of decreasing despite improved midwifery training.

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With your help, this centre of excellence will enable the University of Liverpool and Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust to secure safe and better births for families in the UK and internationally.

Philanthropic support will have a direct impact in helping us to ensure that fewer families will be touched by problematic pregnancies and difficult births.

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